Montreal Canadiens



Team motivational poster; large format: 24″ x 36″
Client: Destination Blue/Montreal Canadiens

This poster was the culmination of a week of team building with the Montreal Canadiens at Land Force Central Area Training Centre, Meaford.

The visual elements and words were distilled and refined, by the Destination Blue team and Enclave Design.
The poster travelled with the team for the entire season.  It would go on their locker room wall wherever they played, to remind them of the legacy and values they hold strong.

The visual of the hand holding the torch was created from 3 separate photos. A hand, a bullet and a flame.

I felt very fortunate to have worked with Destination Blue on this project.
At their request I spent a day with Montreal Canadiens during their team building exercises, observing and interacting with the team, to ensure I had the correct feel and direction for their season motivational poster.

Destination Blue truly offers its customers unparalleled service, in the Blue Mountain area or wherever they are needed. Their professional, passionate, and talented team takes care of the countless details, with flair and enthusiasm, ensuring seamless planning and execution of any event or team building exercise no matter how big or small.


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